Workplace English

Language skills affect every area of your job! Employees and employers must be able to speak the same language in order to have a positive and productive workplace. Your company simply cannot thrive if the employees do not speak English well enough to communicate.

 ESL by Design can help! We provide:

  • Careful attention to both you and your team’s goals
  • Mutual collaboration for a plan to achieve goals
  • Detailed assessment of prospective students’ English proficiency
  • Specifically designed curriculum to enhance communicative needs of your business
  • Classes on site
  • Caring and competent teachers
  • Ongoing communication between H.R. and lead teacher
  • Certificates of completion for employees


A history of success:

ESL Letter of recommendationIn 2017, Jose Escobedo, Production Supervisor from PepsiCo, Inc. North American Nutrition, wrote:

“One of the most compelling aspects of ESL by Design is the passion and drive that the teachers have for ESL.” (see full testimony

Please read a comment from an H.R. Manager in manufacturing:

“As far as documenting progress, the truest statement that can be made about all of the students is that there is an increased level of confidence in the students and they are better able to communicate with all levels (in the past, they would get a lead to translate issues with maintenance or simply tell someone else about a problem)—now they are talking and interacting with each other which has improved the relationships on the shop floor.”

In 2007, Marilyn Winiesdorffer, the H.R. Manager from Markel Southwest Underwriters in Scottsdale wrote:

“Words cannot begin to describe the value your company has brought to our organization. It is with highest accolades that I make recommendation for you and your staff. In the time we have worked together your staff has exhibited character, integrity and an extraordinary measure of care, concern and job knowledge to the task at hand. Our company had identified a basic need; you and your staff assisted us in bringing together a plan of action with measurable results.”

Gatorade employees improving English pronunciation skills