Private Tutoring

English can be complicated: Just when you think you have memorized all the rules, you realize there is more to learn.

English can be confusing: Americans speak with different dialects, use idioms and sometimes speak very quickly.

English can be complex: There are so many parts that it can be difficult to put them all together.

Practical, real-life English is our goal for you and this is accomplished by teaching all the skills of English: speaking/conversation, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, or focusing on the skill you request.

Tutoring Information

  • Private or semi-private instruction
  • Native English speaking teachers
  • Teachers that listen to you and design a lesson just for you
  • Help with understanding American culture
  • Help with cultural daily-life situations
  • Convenient meeting place and time
  • No minimum number of lessons required (1 lesson = 1 hour)


Students will register and be assessed prior to the first Private Tutoring class.

There is a one-time $30.00 fee for the registration and assessment.

Private Tutoring     1 lesson = 1 hour $30.00