Learn English as a second language


January 9th - March 16th 2018

COMPLETE EVENING ENGLISH teaches you practical lessons with the English skills you need:  speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

TWO Class Levels:

Basic English
Learn beginning English skills, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, with the focus on pronunciation (phonics), with lots of listening and speaking practice.  These classes have a small number of students to provide a comfortable atmosphere and lots of teacher attention.

Intermediate/Advanced – Conversation Skills
Students have a lot of input into the direction of this class. The teacher emphasizes conversation skills: vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.  This is a relaxed class, giving students a comfortable setting to practice their speaking and listening skills.  There are also many opportunities to go outside the classroom to attend special events in the community to observe and practice English, depending on the students’ interests.

Please call the school for an appointment to register and for your assessment.

Tuition can be paid by the week at $60.00

Class Tuition: $550


Day Start Time End Time
Tuesday 6:00 Pm 8:00 Pm
Thursday 6:00 Pm 8:00 Pm
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