What makes ESL by Design so special?

See what our students say!

Our students, from all over the world, make our school special!  These English language learners have many reasons for learning and improving their English language skills  Our courses are designed to help them achieve their goals, whether they are academic, everyday conversation, or concern employment.

Complete English - Level 2

Complete English – Level 2

Unlike most schools, we design English classes based on the needs of our students so that learning English is practical and enjoyable! We take trips to places that our students need to know about, such as urgent care, the bank, post office, etc., as well as points of interest; for instance, museums, art galleries, and the zoo. We also offer specialized class times teaching jewelry-making, cooking and other fun learning experiences.

A hike at Shaw Butte, after listening to the Park Ranger's instructions

A hike at Shaw Butte, after listening to the Park Ranger’s instructions


A field trip to Sprouts to learn new vocabulary

Complimentary Jazzercise class after school

Complimentary Jazzercise class after school






Our class sizes are small and teachers are available to assist students with communication problems they may have outside the classroom.

Our students have the opportunity to have real conversations with native English speakers through our Study-Buddy program.  A native English speaker volunteers one hour a week to have conversation with the student.   This program is optional and offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters.

Our students also experience a special conversation event, Round Robin, where they have the unique circumstance of speaking with a number of native English speakers during the class time and having their conversation evaluated.

Students having conversation with native English speakers - "Round Robin."

Students having conversation with native English speakers – “Round Robin.”

We have a staff of dedicated teachers who love teaching and making global friendships. Our teachers are certified in TESOL, have their Masters in TESOL, and/or have had many years of experience teaching adults as well as children.

                        Here are some written comments from students’ class evaluations:

  • I learned about various expression and culture from many different country friends.  ESL by Design helped me to adapt well in USA.     SukBin
  • We learn English in a relaxing mood.  We make friends from all over the world!Now I have confidence speaking English compared with before I came to the U.S.  Thank you sooo much for your big help!!!  When I found something confusing, I can tell the teacher and she can help me.  ESL by Design has a very good method to introduce people at English Language.  I just wanted to thank you for effort that you put in your job, trying to be better teacher every time, but you are the best!   Fumi
  • Talking about reports helped me out with conversation skills.   Alex
  • I loved the class and I learned a lot.  The teacher is amazing and the book is very helpful.  Different kinds of games made the class funny and helpful. Whenever we spoke poor in English, she understood everything.  Ruby